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Long Time Rutland Residents Association Members Retire   
( Long Time Rutland Residents Association Members Honoured After 21 years of Loyal Service )
  Laura Brooks Castanet
  - Jan 24, 2020 / 8:00 pm 

Evelyn John
            Vielvoye Peter Paglioccini
Two of Rutland Residents Association's most loyal members have been honoured for their years of service.

Evelyn and John Vielvoye were honoured at the group's AGM this week, more than 20 years after they joined the organization. 

The pair have been members since 1999, and for much of that time, they've held executive positions. 

It was the community spirit and people that kept them involved in the RRA all this time, says Evelyn.

"The Rutland Residents Association was implemented to bring the community of Rutland together and let the people enjoy events and history of the area. 

"Our Rutland May Days and our parade are something the people of Kelowna look forward to, it is always a fun time. The RRA along with URBA and the Rutland Park Society keep the spirit of Rutland alive with many events over the years. I stayed with the RRA because of the people of the organization who were very supportive and interested in what was happening to our community."

Highlights of their involvement include creating a new playground in 2006, celebrating Rutland's centennial in 2008, and May Days.

"We felt that we were making a difference through the RRA in our community throughout the years and had fun in doing so," says John. 

They also became quite involved with Heritage Week festivities in Kelowna.

"During Heritage Week, we always organized the opening breakfast until this year, and we always had volunteers and support from the RRA," says Evelyn.

Monthly association meetings are held on the third Monday of every month at 150 Gray Rd. from 6:30 to 8 p.m.