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Community Engagement  

The Rutland Residents Association would like to hear from the residents of Rutland. Tell us what you love about living in Rutland and what are the concerns you are currently having. We started with two things we've heard of often on the streets of Rutland.
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Development Concerns (Suggestions for input into Community Engagement email)
  • How is new development affecting your neighbourhood or you personally?
  • Are you informed when there is a new development proposal
    • Are you given the opportunity to present your opinions about it to the city?
    • Do you take the opportunity to interact with the city about your concerns?
    • Have you registered with Get Involved Kelowna to make your views known on projects?
  • Do variances happen after the development approval which change the character of the development and the neighbourhood now has no input?
  • Is there adequate infrastructure for the size of development and the number of people who will be moving into the area. (Parking, water systems, roadways, etc)
  • The Rutland Residents would like to hear from you.
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Safety Concerns (Suggestions for input into Community Engagement email)
  • Do the areas where you live seem to have increasing levels of problems with petty theft and other types of crime or bylaw infractions? If you see an uptick in problems in your area we would like to hear from you.
  • Have you found an increase of visible homelessness and people with a substance use disorder  in your area? How is this affecting you? (safety, enjoyment of life, etc.)
  • Do you feel your concerns around safety are being addressed by the city?
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We welcome Rutland Residents to engage in our meetings even as guests, we would appreciate knowing before hand if you are going to introduce a topic so we can add your information to our agenda.
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