We Are Back Part 2

Dear RRA members,                                            August 29th, 2020

Thanks to all of you who took the time to attend our June 29th meeting.  It was great to see you after such a long hiatus.

It’s nice to see that we are  into phase 3 of the Corona-virus Protocol. Many of the restrictions have been  eased and businesses and schools are reopening.  This does not mean that we are completely out of the woods yet, but with continued vigilance we are getting closer to “normal.”

At our June 29th meeting many  issues were discussed; these included, low barrier housing and their effect on our neighbourhoods, a modern middle school to replace RMS, the final phase for Centennial Park,  as well as strategies that will keep our organization  fiscally viable and a loud voice for Rutland residents. One strategy to keep us financially strong includes a Gaming fund raising initiative that will hopefully  soon  be actualized.  We have the framework which includes a fully bona fide Gaming Account and License, but are in need of experienced volunteers to help get this operational.

As for Rutland Middle School, the Education Ministry has now changed the focus from refurbishing the 70 plus  year old school to that of building a new school from the ground up. Their reasoning was a logical one, which first and foremost included the massive expenditure that would be incurred for retrofitting the existing structure as opposed to building new.  Unfortunately, no date for building the new school was set and we can only hope that it will be started soon.

Our organization received some great news concerning Centennial Park.  The City is into the fourth and final construction phase for the park.  The final phase includes new fencing, BATHROOMS, and possibly a sidewalk upgrade along McIntosh Road.  The completion date is slated  for early 2021.   The park improvement price tag is close to 2.6 million dollars.

Another note of interest is a  meeting in mid September with Darren Caul, Community Safety Director, Ken Hunter, the Chair of Property Standards Compliance Team (PCST), representatives from the City, and representatives with the RCMP.  The meeting was spearheaded by our executive to discuss problem properties on Springfield, Mills, Sylvania, and recently one a few blocks from the McCurdy facility. The fact that we obtained this meeting is a tribute to our organization’s ability to act in an open and fair manner that serves to enhance communication and be listened to by the by civic authorities.

Our Rutland Community continues to grow as new seniors, student and general residential starts are increasing exponentially. We invite Rutlanders to keep us informed as  to the the impact, both good and bad, that these developments are having.  Let us be the organization that will bring concerns to City officials and hopefully get them resolved.

Our next meeting is on Monday, September 21st 6:30 at the Senior Centre.  We are planning to have chairs well space out and all the necessary CO-VID protocol will be observed.

Looking forward to see you at our meeting. Please invite friends and neighbours as well.

Peter Pagliocchini

President: Rutland Residents Association