Rutland Residents Association: Updates

  • Dear Members                                  March 22/2021

Hope that you are holding up during this topsy-turvy time and that the roll out of the vaccines will bring the days of ‘normalcy’ back soon.

During our long stretch since our last in person meeting,  your  executive is still actively working on behalf of our Rutland association and the community for which the RRA  serves.

Here are some highlights:

  • In early February our Association’s Vice President and Secretary were invited by the CMHA officials to tour McCurdy Place.  Both Lynn and Sharlene were impressed with the facility and with the candid answers that were given to their questions pertaining to general safety, programs, staffing and the like.  It should be  noted that I will be representing the RRA on the McCurdy Place Community Advisory Council.  I participated in their  first CAC meeting  on March 8th via zoom. We will continue to ensure that promises made will  be kept.

Here is the link to the McCurdy Place brochure: mccurdy_place_one_page-cmha

  • Community Policing Meeting: On February 24th, Lynn Jack and I attended a meeting with Kevin MacDougall the Community Policing Coordinator and Corporal Mike Kube the Kelowna RCMP Community Safety Unit.

Highlights included:

-A planned increase for bicycle patrols for Rutland “hotspots” this spring

-Continued action on problem Rutland Residences including Kelowna RCMP Search Warrants recently executed and continued collaborative work with the Problem Property Compliance Team were noted

-Police allocation is stats driven, so continue to report and to obtain file numbers

-Re-instituting Rutland Community Policing… when covid protocols have been considerably eased,  regular patrolling will restart

  • Kelowna Neighbourhood Associations Liaison Committee (KNALC)

This “umbrella group” will be made up of representatives from all of the Kelowna neighbourhood  associations.  In a nutshell, it will provide a forum for our residents associations to review issues of common concern.  The underlying premise is that there is strength in unity.  The organization is well organized with a clear delineation of its mandate, structure and general governance.  It provides for regular meetings via zoom and agenda items that are generated by the associations will be discussed, followed by plans for action.

Our executive has thought it prudent to be part of the KNALC in order to be included in any decisions that this organization implements. We do not want to be left out of the loop. However, we are cautious in that our autonomy to act in the best interests of our Rutland Community will not be compromised or overridden.   So, we will be approaching our membership in this umbrella group with cautious optimism.

Fund Raising: Tee shirts anyone?   Our secretary Sharlene Drohomereski and Christopher Bocskei, one of our board member,s have been working on various fund raising initiatives.  They decided and it was approved by the executive to  have a prototype t-shirt made  advertising our association and the Rutland Community.

Take care

Peter Pagliocchini   President Rutland Residents Association